furgoneWe wish to introduce our company that operates in the transport sector, particularly with regard to transport in the field of special works of art, offering our services for everything related to the transport and handling of paintings, sculptures, antiques, Collectors fragileand of significant value. Our base of operations with offices in Milan and Palermo allow us to cover with our transport service on a regular basis throughout the country linking all major cities from north to south of Italy as well as transport to and from some European countries such as Austria , England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Holland. Fast,reliable, continuous availability to the customer. Art Service Ltd operates when required. In addition to transportation, we can ensure a high level of service, taking care of every detail in all stages from collection to delivery, from the handling and packing, accordingto a direct relationship with the customer to satisfy his every need or request.

Since 1995 we cooperate regularly with the galleries and auction houses the most prestigious in Italy and in some European countries and we are accredited as a shipping agent at:

Christie's, Dorotheum, Sotheby’s

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