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furgoneOur vehicles are all the latest, and are equipped with alarm systems and satellite monitoring, some of which are equipped with temperature control to avoid problems arising from sudden changes in temperature and prolonged exposure to heat or cold of the works of particular importance and delicacy.



trasporti specialiThe organization of the transport is taking into account the characteristics of the works to be carried. After a study of parameters such as nature, size and weight of the object are chosen transport systems and the route most appropriate for its place of destination. Building safety during transport is assured by the use of vehicles equipped with microclimate control systems, air suspension, and warnings to drivers of satellite as well as professionalism and experience. The air shipments are planned with great care in the choice of flights and airline and airport operations in all departing and arriving are controlled at every stage.


imballaggiArt Service Srl pays special attention to the development and packaging design, through the identification of the most suitable mode for the perfect preservation of the work, according to the characteristics of the work and the type of transport chosen. We use advanced technology and advanced materials, filtered from the experience of our engineers in close collaboration with leading Italian and foreign institutes of Conservation.



imballaggiArt Service Srl is able to provide professional and safe with all requirements of installation and commissioning, both for temporary exhibitions, permanent exhibitions, Art Service Srl has highly skilled technicians can install any type of work safely.


assicurazioni In addition, to ensure our customers peace of mind in the transfer of the works we have been entrusted, our means and our deposits are covered by insurance policies with major companies.


permessiThe experience gained over the years for services provided to major galleries and auction houses Italian and European, we can resolve any issues regarding the completion of practice permits of Fine Arts, issuance of certificate of free circulation, import certificates and their customs, export issued by the offices of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture.


depositoThe premises consist of providing storage vaults where temperature and relative humidity are under constant control, ensuring adequate protection for works conservative. Sophisticated surveillance and alarm systems to ensure the safety of the deposit and a constant monitoring from a distance through our dedicated intranet.

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